My Psychology Tutor

AS/A Level Psychology tutoring for Independent Schools and International Students

My Psychology Tutor provides unique personalised tutoring in A/AS level psychology for independent schools, international and private students.
Psychology is one of the most popular, and academically challenging, science subjects among AS/A level and undergraduate degree students. It covers a broad range of topics concerned with understanding the foundations of human behaviour from the individual to population levels. It also provides a rigourous training in experimental research methods, research design and statistical analyses.
With over 30 years of experience teaching psychology, we provide tuition that is uniquely tailored to the needs of independent schools, international and private students - engaging with students as individuals, and accommodating the needs, and expectations, of their schools and parents.
We provide live (synchronous) weekly online lectures and seminars that are timetabled to allow students to complete the AS/A level course syllabus in Psychology without disruption to other school activities or timetabled classes. All of our tutors are qualified to postgraduate level with prior teaching experience and an accreditated postgraduate teaching qualification.
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